Equine Reiki Retreats


Bring horses, inspiring nature, a beautiful venue, good food and great fun together and it’s a winning formula for an amazing Retreat. Add Reiki to the mix and you know it’s going to be a powerful healing experience as well.

In our Equine Reiki Retreats you can let go for a while and immerse yourself in what makes your heart smile and sing, coming back into a true sense of self and purpose. A time where you get to enjoy yourself and feel deeply nurtured by nature and the presence of the horses.

You will have an opportunity to receive powerful healing sessions from the horses, refresh your knowledge and knowing of Reiki, go on transformational journeys into nature and self, exchange Reiki sessions with your fellow participants if desired, meditate, have fun, and simply be yourself.

An Equine Reiki Retreat is about feeding your soul and listening to your heart. Opening yourself to listening within, allowing yourself to be guided by the wisdom of horse, and supported by the unconditional healing love of Reiki holding us in sacred space. This beautiful combination offers you a truly profound, rejuvenating and personal transformational journey home to oneself.

Retreat Brochure

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The Equine Reiki retreat was an incredible experience I will remember all my life.Aside from having a great time with fantastic like minded women, beautiful horses and plenty of laughs, I was also able to work deeply on myself in a safe and supported environment with two highly intuitive and talented facilitatorswho both made a huge impact on me as I moved through the three and a half day retreat. Both seeming to know exactly what we all needed at any given time,it is rare to feel so heard and supported in this world…thank you. A special thank you also to the amazing women who I felt like I had always known, my heart felt full of love and compassion for all of you. I would encourage any person to experience one of these retreats.

Gypsy Merritt

How do you put into words how to feel about a Reiki Retreat with Sonja and Jenny at Banyanah?! The perfect place, spent with and guided by the exact right people, to allow the space for you to grow into the authentic version of who you are supposed to be. I can’t shout my recommendation enough. Get yourself there!

I am stoked that I made the commitment to attend and participate in this retreat.On one hand it is practical with so many opportunities for self-development and on the other hand it is magical, powerful and fun.Also you get to share time with the amazing Banyandah herd of people/horses and leaders/elders. I really received a lot out of this.

Nev Parker

I was very fortunate to attend an Equine Reiki retreat at Banyandah with Sonja and Jenny, and it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I do not say that lightly, as I have had the privilege of attending many amazing clinics with some wonderful clinicians and coaches and people, but this retreat was literally life changing.

I came home completely changed. I feel like I’ve rediscovered myself and that the “old me” is back but in a new improved version, and so many other people have commented on how different I look as well.

I cannot thank Jenny and Sonja enough for providing a safe environment, powerful tools to clear out the “stuff” that no longer serves, and holding such an amazing energetic space which allows huge shifts like I experienced to occur. I would highly recommend Sonja & Jenny to absolutely anyone, every event they facilitate is amazing and continues to exceed every expectation that I have.

Sally Hudson, DJ Park, Bolinda, Vic