Our services

Thank you for considering engaging us to be of service to you. We both are the teachers and founders of Equine Reiki. We are fulltime therapists, healers and workshop facilitators and would love to support you and your animals on your Reiki journey, in private healing sessions or in one of our many amazing Equine Retreats.

We are dedicated to empowering you and/or your horse to transform and heal through heartfelt connection and soul based action.

We create heart-based learning environments and soulful experiences so both you and the animals in your life can heal, be happy and thrive.

Whilst we always work within the energy of Reiki, we have different backgrounds and modalities we use to be of service to humans and animals.

You can see us in person or work with us remotely, via phone, zoom or skype. We welcome any enquiries or questions you may have.


We offer:

  • Equine Reiki courses Level I to Level III (Master/Teacher)
  • Private healing sessions:
    • For your horse or pet in person or remotely
    • For you in person or remotely
    • Heart to Heart for you and your horse together (Deeply touching!)
    • Heart and Soul for you with our horses (Just amazing!)
  • Tune-ins (and animal communication) for your horse or pet
  • Equine Reiki Retreats
  • Equine Retreats


For more information on our individual services please contact us:

Jenny McKenzie
Beechworth Region VIC | Ph: 0400 422 089