Sponsored Equine or Animal Reiki for Individuals and Organisations

Our way of saying ‘thank you’ and offering support is to give our Equine or Animal Reiki training free of charge to those who are active Horse or Animal Rescue Volunteers or are volunteering for any Wildlife Services.

We also train any Animal Rescue organisation, Pound or Wildlife Service and their volunteers free of charge.

We deeply honour those who do the hard yards of animal rescue and rehabilitation and this is our small way of giving back and thanking you for what you do.

We know Reiki will tremendously benefit the animals in your care. Yet an equally important reason is that we also want to offer you a tool for yourself to be better able to cope, physically as well as emotionally. We’ve been “on the front” ourselves and just know what a difference it made when Reiki was there for the animals as well as ourselves.

Since the first Equine Reiki training we’ve welcomed volunteers from Horse Welfare Inc, Northern Rivers Horse Rescue Inc, Animal Endeavours Inc, Brumby Rescue Victoria… just to name a few.

Are you an active Rescue or Rehabilitation Volunteer?

There is always a spot for you, free of charge, with no strings attached! We love to support you and the animals in your care!

The Reiki Level I training is 2 days long. You receive the full Reiki Manual and will be accredited and certified like the other participants. Please contact us for your free training!

Are you an Organisation and would like to have your volunteers trained?

Your Organisation doesn’t have to be for Equines. You could be a Dog or Cat Rescue, Wildlife Service, Pound, other Animal holding or care facility or Animal charity. We will train your staff and volunteers no matter what animals they are working with completely free of charge. We cover all of our own expenses.

Our exclusive training for your Organisation takes half a day, which can be split into a couple of afternoons or whatever works in best with your schedule. The training gives your staff and volunteers what they need in order to be able to offer Reiki for the animals and themselves. They receive handouts and acknowledgment of attendance but won’t be certified in Reiki. Yet we welcome any of your volunteers to attend the certification training free of charge, should they want to at a later time. 

Please contact us for further details or to discuss options. We will do whatever it takes to make this work for your Organisation, your staff and volunteers! Thank you for considering us as your Reiki Training option.


“I was fortunate enough to be offered a sponsored spot as Director of animal charity Animal Endeavours based in QLD. The course was beautiful and I recommend this accreditation for anyone in the rescue industry who would like to achieve a deeper spiritual relationship with the horses and rescued souls in their life.  Thank you Equine Reiki, I know our rescue creatures will pass their thanks also.”


Director Animal Endeavours

“Reiki was the missing factor in returning neglected horses back to physical, emotional and mental health. As a sceptic of Reiki for many years I had to see it to believe it.”

Kim Geurts

Northern Rivers Horse Rescue Inc

“I cannot begin to express our thanks for the generous support Equine Reik has provided Horse Welfare Inc and its volunteers through their programs. The learnings and connections built through participation in the program has aided our own professional development and networking. We have been able to apply Reiki in rescue for our horses and our volunteers. It has changed our focus on treatment and recovery and kept us grounded in our approach. Sponsorship into the Equine Reiki program is a godsend and a gracious offering. If you have the opportunity, do not miss it.”

Jo Briggs

President , Horse Welfare Inc