Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the course structure?

We very much believe one learns best “hands on”! Therefore the majority of our trainings are practical in nature, no matter what level. We want to make sure you leave the training confident doing Reiki healings on horses, other animals and humans!

Generally there will be self-healing sessions with Reiki Meditations, lots of Reiki sessions on and with the horses plus Reiki healings you exchange with your fellow students.

You will of course also get all the history and theoretical background of Reiki in a comprehensive Manual. We send that out to you prior to the course, that’s why we have so much more time for the practice sessions. (Prior reading for Level I will entail about ½ hour of light reading, so not much at all,and then you are ready to attend.)

Level II and Master are certainly more involved and require in depth study, daily healings and meditations for two weeks prior to training start.

In every training there is lots of room for questions, sharing and deeper explorations within the group.

We always make sure everyone feels safe and confident AND has fun learning!


Do I need to bring my own horse? Or can I bring my own horse?

No, you don’t have to bring your own horse. We have many wonderful horse teachers at each venue.

AND if you wanted to bring your own horse, yes, you can for some venues. The venue may charge extra  for horse visitors, usually around $20/day.


Do you have to have any prior experience with Reiki to do the course?

No, you don’t have to have any experience with Reiki. You will learn everything to confidently do Reiki on anyone, human and animal alike, privately or professionally (Level II).

I’ve done my Equine Reiki Level I with another organization and lineage. Can I attend your Practitioner Level or do I have to do your Level I first?

There’s no need for you to do our Level I. We honour other teachers and lineages and will just have a prior short chat with you to make sure all the basics are covered.

The one exception is if your training was only online. We will not accept anyone into the Practitioner training without a prior practical assessment. That can be in form of attending one of our 1 day Reiki Refreshers or in a private session with one of the Equine Reiki teachers.


I’ve done my Human Reiki Level. Can I just come for a day to see how Equine Reiki is done?

You can come to one of our dedicated 1-day courses where we explain and practice Equine Reiki with those who have done Human Reiki to any Level.

Sorry, we do not allow anyone to come for just one day in the regular courses.


To get your free training spot what do I have to do?

In each Level I training we offer one or two free spaces for anyone who is an active Horse- or Animal Rescue Volunteer or is volunteering for any Wildlife Services. That means you have to be actively volunteering for any of the many Rescue Organisations.

It’s not enough, even though deeply appreciated, to have your own rescue horses to qualify for the free training.

We want to honour people who do the hard yards and show up for animals, even when they are not their own. Those who are at the front of seeing sometimes horrendous things with animals who need support the most. We want to support those people by giving them the tool of Reiki for themselves and those in their care.


Should I only do the Master training if I want to teach Reiki?

Whilst you need to do the Master training to be qualified and accredited to teach Reiki, many peopleattend without any desire to teach. The Master training is a deep and profound journey for self and the calling to teach may come at a later stage or not at all.

So consider the Master training not for the teaching but because of your own desire to fulfill a deeper yearning of wholeness and service.

If you are indeed called to teach, we will wholeheartedly support and promote you. It gives us tremendous joy to see other teachers emerge and share their unique gifts with a greater audience.


Do I have to have done Reiki to attend the Equine Reiki Retreat?

Yes, you do as we are doing some Reiki specific activities in the Equine Reiki Retreat.

But you can always join us in our Equine Retreats which have nothing to do with Reiki. (Well, they do as we always work with the Reiki energy, no matter what we do, but the activities in those Retreats are designed very differently.)