Horse Facilitators

We, your equine partners and co-facilitators, are sentient and intelligent beings who contribute to the unfolding process of teaching, learning, growing and healing. We are the core of heartfelt connection and soul-based action. We live this into the world everyday through our grounded way of being. We show you  how to be present, centred and heart connected.  

With us as co-facilitators, you are offered a unique way of working, exploring, growing, listening and coming home to yourself.  Facilitated by our physical presence and guided by the conscious collective and ancestral wisdom of horse, you learn to listen with your entire self.

Through this listening you come into a greater awareness and align with your higher self, stepping into a heartfelt connection – and we will be right there with you!

Let us guide and support you in deepening your authentic connection with self and others,  so you can show up and contribute to the greater collective of humanity, the animals and earth community. 

Jenny McKenzie

“Reiki, nature and horses are my foundation for living my life with purpose.  They support me to listen to my soul’s voice.  It is these relationships that I love to share with people and animals on their path of; deep listening, healing and growth”

Jenny is a Tanran Reiki Master and Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator (EEL) based in Beechworth Victoria. As an intuitive energy healer and nature-based soul guide, Jenny’s offerings are directed at supporting animals & humans in their respective healing journeys to wholeness.

Jenny has integrated her 25 years experience in Outdoor Education, group facilitation and community-based work and her passion for horses with her formal Equine (Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapies) and Reiki training into Equine Reiki and her private practice. 

Her approach to EEL and Reiki energy work is holistic; honouring the inseparable connection between mind, body, spirit, soul and the natural world. Her compassionate and non-judgemental style nurtures these relationships for her clients in a way that facilitates their own ability to heal.

Jenny assists animals & humans to unlock and connect with their wholeness. She supports the individual through the discovery and negotiation of the various terrains that can limit wellbeing while holding space for one to heal by bringing the soulful and sacred into their everyday lives.

Horses entered my life at a very early age. Beginning at 3yrs my parents would often find me missing from the house and backyard. It became so routine that they knew they only had to look across the fence at the trotting stables next door and they would find me sitting in the paddock with the horses. But it was the deep heartfelt connection at the age of 9yrs with my beautiful welsh mountain pony MacDougal that cemented horses deep within the core of my being. He showed me so much about life, love, authenticity, presence, joy, sadness, hard work, commitment and relationships. His heart was so big and so forgiving. As life goes, there are gaps, then Rosie found me. She showed up 6mths before a time that proved to be an incredibly difficult period in my life. Without her, I am not sure how I would have managed. And it is because of wanting to give back to her that I found Equine Reiki. I am so blessed she is still with me on this journey.

Stepping onto the path of Reiki has changed my life immensely. Reiki inspires a deep connection and love of how incredible it is to be held and seen, to open one’s heart and to give from a place of unconditional love. Discovering Reiki deepened my relationship with Rosie and continues to support my own personal journey of transformation and healing today.

Reiki also continues to offer a way of being in the world that helps me navigate the sometimes difficult terrain that life places in front of me, and to celebrate with deep gratitude the gift of oneness of everything.

To bring Reiki to others is how I live my soul-based action into to the world and I look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your horses on the journey.

Sonja Bollnow

My Reiki journey began in 2000 when I was so blessed to be attuned and trained by William Bagley, Founder of Tanran Reiki. The changes that unfolded in my life with and through Reiki were phenomenal, so I started teaching it in 2001. I witnessed many amazing healings over the years and seeing how people can easily share Reiki healings with their loved ones or clients is just wonderful!  

Along the way came many other modalities and trainings, which I qualified in and embraced for my own healing and growth, to then share with others. My whole life since Reiki has been one of coming into awareness, learning, exploring and healing. I can see how Reiki “put” me on my path – ever so gently.

I’ve been working as a full time therapist, group facilitator and healer for nearly 20 years now; a deeply fulfilling and very humbling journey. With each client, whether human or animal, I learn, grow and heal evermore as their journey truly is my journey.

Reiki is the beautiful and powerful foundation I relax into and trust completely, no matter the modality or with whom I am working. It is what guides me from a heartfelt place.

Reiki also keeps me committed to my purpose; to inspire people to live their lives more aligned with their purpose, allowing them to feel more empowered, in greater joy and in love with life.

I’m originally from Germany, lived for over a decade in the U.S. and then in 2002 love brought me to Australia. I got to live on a small property, a totally different lifestyle to what I was used to, but what a dream come true!

Whilst I always had a deep love and connection with horses, having my own hadn’t been an option for decades. But being on a property a little pony named BJ arrived fairly soon. He had the biggest heart and presence but also equally big health challenges. It was he who nudged me to start teaching Equine Reiki (in 2005) to others, so more horses could benefit and heal, or find relief as he had – and so that more humans could better help and support their beloved animals as well.  

BJ and the other herd members and animals who kept arriving opened me up to a completely different way of seeing and honouring animals. Reiki is for me the bridge to an even deeper and even more meaningful heart connection with them and myself. I feel more in tune and my choices for them can come from a more knowing place and unconditional love and acceptance.

I still love teaching Equine Reiki yet am also passionate about facilitating Equine Retreats where humans, animals and nature get touched by each other for deeper understanding and healing.  Retreats, where with the help of nature and a healing herd of horses, we can all come back into our senses – literally as well – to feel more empowered, to live more heart centred and in greater joy! 

These retreats in co-facilitation with Jenny and the magnificent horses are always such transformational and empowering experiences for all involved. It is truly awe inspiring and my greatest joy to be a part of. I feel most blessed in those times! Blessed by my fellow human beings, by Reiki, blessed by the beautiful planet we live on and most blessed by the horses in their infinite love and wisdom!

Some other qualifications:

Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapist, HeartMath Coach, Systemic & Organisational Constellator, Intuitive Empowerment Facilitator, Regression- as well as Past Life Therapist, Neuroplasticity and Equine Facilitated Learning Coach