Equine Reiki Level I Course

Equine Reiki Level I is a two-day course that gives you everything you need to feel confident giving Reiki healings to your horses, other animals and yourself. It is the beginning of a very special healing journey for the horses in your life and yourself. This course is designed for personal use and as entry into the Equine Reiki Professional Training. It is mainly hands-on so you gain practical knowledge, understanding and skills to apply Reiki for:

  • Reducing the effects of anxiety, fear and stress
  • Easing pain
  • Enhancing animal communication
  • Supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Promoting deep relaxation
  • Better performance
  • Deepening your relationships
  • And so much more

If you want to help the horses in your life, heal yourself, support your family and friends then this is an empowering place to begin.


  • Lifelong Level I Attunement
  • Short preparatory reading

  • Group and one-on-one; instruction, meditations, learning and discussions
  • Working with and offering Reiki to horses and humans in practical sessions
  • Receiving Reiki sessions
  • Heart-connected healing and animal communication
  • Working with the Master symbol (unique to our approach)
  • Strictly limited class size
  • Detailed course manual
  • Accredited Reiki Level I Certificate with industry recognition
  • Post study support
  • Dedicated Equine Reiki Facebook Group invitation and alumni herd membership
  • Fun and enjoyment with like-minded people and amazing horses
  • And of course, morning and afternoon tea

Course Brochure

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“Although I didn’t know that much about Reiki other than it being a form of energy healing, after reading the course notes I was expecting a pretty awesome weekend. The training absolutely exceeded all expectations I had.It provided me with a level of confidence that I did not expect to attain in 2 days.
If you feel a connection at all when reading the material on their website then I encourage you to jump in and go for it. The course is not only a journey in learning Reiki, but a soul developing one as well.Thank you Sonja & Jenny with all my heart.


“I was drawn to attending because my horse had recently had major surgery for colic and when I saw the word ‘healing’, I felt I needed to do this for him. I didn’t realise how much healing I would receive too. I booked in not knowing if Reiki was going to suit me. I turned up not knowing if this was going to align with my beliefs. I finished knowing that this was one of the most amazing weekends I’ve ever experienced (and my horse agrees!).Give yourself and your horse the gift of Reiki.”


“Reiki has become a way of life for me. Walking out the front door each morning with an abundance of love to give is incredible. Horses are such amazing creatures and great healers themselves. With Reiki I am able to help heal them as well as help them keep a balanced mindset through their training.Last week a client mentioned that when her horses have spent time with me their energy seems different. They are calm and when they work it is in a settled way of going with a soft eye and little tension. WHAT A BLESSING

Kim Peterson