Equine Reiki Level II Course

Tanran & Equine Reiki Level II is your Practitioner Training. You feel the call to be a Healer and certainly want to live life more fulfilled and aligned with your heart’s desire. You feel a wish to help people and animals heal and make life better for them.

Doing this Level doesn’t mean you have to become a Practitioner but you are fully trained as one. Your intention may be to take healing to the next level for yourself and your horses, learn more and receive a much deeper understanding of the Reiki energy – or simply to enjoy being immersed in this incredibly powerful energy for three whole days.

The Practitioner training offers you the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your Reiki work, especially as it relates to horses
  • Explore and help others with remote healing
  • Learn and practice advanced Reiki techniques
  • Receive Reiki sessions from horses
  • Expand your intuitive awareness and animal communication skills
  • Create and work in sacred space
  • Deepen your spiritual development and live more aligned to the Reiki Precepts
  • Develop a professional Human and Equine Reiki business

If you have reached that place where you know you want to open to the spiritual connection and wisdom of horse, deepen your Reiki work and possibly want to offer it professionally as a stand-alone or complementary to any existing healing modality, then the Equine Reiki II Training is the next step along your journey.

Course Includes 
  • Pre-course study of approx. 6 hours
  • Lifelong Level II Attunement
  • Group and one-on-one; instruction, meditations, learning and discussions
  • Working with and offering Reiki to humans and horses in practical sessions
  • Receiving Reiki from horses
  • Learning how to include horses for human healing sessions
  • Strictly limited class size with 2 dedicated teachers
  • A detailed course manual
  • Post study and lifelong Practitioner support
  • Listing of your Equine Reiki Business on the Equine Reiki website
  • Fun and enjoyment with like-and heart-minded people and horses

Upon successful completion of the three-day training you will attain your Tanran Reiki Level II and Equine Reiki Level II Certificates. With the Level II certification you are fully accredited to work as a Reiki Practitioner, with industry recognition that provides access to insurance and associations.

PRICE $920 (paid in full 14 days prior to course start)


Course Brochure

Click here to download the full course brochure

“Equine Reiki is the most valuable course I have ever done without a doubt. The knowledge and practice you will learn is truly priceless.The weekend unlocked many mysteries to me regarding a horse’s emotional state and communicative abilities. I earnestly recommend that all horses owners, especially horse rescue centres, take the time out to learn it. Thank you both for an unforgettable experience.”

Kim March

“Tanran Reiki has re-opened doors to my heart and soul which were lost to me. Through the guidance of Reiki I can now share unconditional love and healing to all. I’m truly honoured and blessed to have met and been attuned by two truly beautiful souls – Jenny and Sonja. Thank you both for finding me and giving me this loving gift and healing power of Tanran Reiki.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Equine Reiki Level II course. I learned so much and feel confident now to use Reiki on myself, horses and people as a healing modality. I loved the way that the course encouraged the development of your own intuition.I am excited about my unfolding journey ahead of me. Thank you.”

Lynsey Allison